Welcome to FAARM!

The FAARM Project is a student-led independent effort to address the growing mental health problems of graduate students around the world. Graduate student success and quality of life is largely determined by the quality of their relationship with their academic research mentor. Therefore, having poor mentorship causes significant mental health problems, and approximately half of PhD students drop out of school because of it. Academic research mentorship is not only often inadequate and low-quality, but is frequently neglectful, exploitative, or even abusive.

Here, you will find several resources, including our Core Policy Memo, a document outlining the policies that can be implemented at the federal, state, and university level; several one-pagers, including those outlining the Immediate Needs at Research Institutions and the Immediate Needs at Federal Funding Agencies that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively; and various Data Collection Tools that have been used at different institutions to assess graduate student well-being. Our most recent overview presentation is also a quick and easy way to learn more about FAARM proposals.

For questions, contact us at FAARMteam@gmail.com.

FAARM Letter to NIH OER, July 29th, 2021