Meet the FAARM Team

We are a team of research trainees from many different institutions and fields of research who came together to solve a problem. Members of our team are all volunteers and include independent trainees as well as representatives of student and trainee organizations, both university and national. We would like to thank all of those who have contributed to or endorsed this project, as well as all those who are seeking to improve research training across the country.

In addition to those below, we would like to thank the the several individuals who contributed to this project and who wish to remain anonymous as they fear retribution from their research advisors for their work on this project.


Daniel Curtis
Content Analyst, Courier Newsroom
MIT S.M. 2015

Kaylynne Glover, PhD
University of Kentucky


Policy Director, Convener
Kaylynne Glover, PhD
University of Kentucky

Research Director
Jack Wilson, PhD
Syracuse University

Legislative Director
Thaddeus Potter
PhD Candidate, UMass Lowell

Communications Director
Christine Lewis
PhD Candidate, Arizona State University

Eleanor Johnson, PhD


Divyansh Kaushik
PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Dacen Waters
PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Tamr Atieh, PhD
Rutgers University

Jon Bomar
PhD Candidate, University of Maine

Aria Byrd, PhD
University of Kentucky

Kari Chesney
PhD Candidate, University of Missouri

Kristofferson Culmer, MS
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia

Rui T. Gomes
MA Candidate, Syracuse University

Joshua Gyory
PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Jack Reid
PhD Candidate, MIT

Samantha Stewart
MA Candidate, Ohio University

Torbet McNeil
PhD Student, University of Arizona

Parul Suri
PhD Student, University of Kentucky